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User Adoption Services

User Adoption Services:
SCT makes User Adoption easier. SCT offers User Adoption services that helps the Fusion of Technology, process and people. It enables the companies to increase user adoption service of Business Intelligence or Data warehousing solutions that may be new or already be in existence but are underutilized. The goal of this service is to make data the driver of organizational decision-making. SCT offers the following services to address the adoption issue:

Training need Identification- during the Blue print stage
We carefully study each customer particular case to understand the client's needs and objectives and deliver a dependable solution. We make you aware of all available options and provide you with a competent advice enabling you to take an informed business decision

Drawing the Training Strategies
Training and development in an organization requires implementation to achieve success. Therefore, the strategy will require vision, focus, direction and an action planning document. A training strategy is a mechanism that establishes what competencies an organization requires in the future and a means to achieve it. There are many important aspects to consider here. To create the Strategic Training and Development Plan, you will need a detailed profile of your;

All of these profiles will further have to be considered within the realms of Equity and Diversity, Organization Values, Business Process Improvement, Change Management and Organization Design and Structure.

Competency Requirement and Skilling:
Whether you are employing new staff or improving the abilities of your current workforce, assessing training needs is critical. You need to be confident the staff you employ are capable of performing the tasks you require of them.

Allow SCT to manage your training needs analysis using customized skill assessment tool on the specific technology. SCT can lead you through the assessment process as well as providing follow-on services and training strategies.

Ask SCT to revolutionise your perceptions of the value of quality training.

Curriculum Design and content Development(Elearning Soltuions)
SCT specializes in curriculum designing and Content Development for online deployment. We provide content development services for all modes of learning. SCT always make sures the curricula is aligned with an organization's business objectives and its corresponding competency requirements

With ever-changing business demands and the available competency landscape, keeping a training curriculum current is a challenging task. Training curricula should be aligned with the organization's business objectives and its corresponding competency requirements. This needs periodic reviews and updates. We design curricula based on an in-depth understanding of content and learning principles, targeted at on-the-job performance while taking cognizance of industry trends, business demands, competency maps, content, and learning principles.

It partners with the client organizations to help them impart cutting-edge technology-based knowledge through a successful business model. Our tailor-made models facilitate delivery of quality education by helping the client organizations to choose from some of the most efficient and cost effective ways of knowledge delivery. Its content development expertise, post implementation activities, and on-going services help the client organizations gain maximum returns on investments. We aim at revolutionizing the teaching-learning process through its value-added services for effective learning and knowledge transfer.

Our unique learning solutions combine the rigors of instructional design methodology with the expertise of its well-experienced team to create attractive and persuasive course content.

Training is often overlooked and that is a key piece of the user adoption puzzle. I also believe that in manytraining is conducted but it is ineffective. To be effective, training must be more than one how cases -to class. Our online training provides all the benefits of training at your desk... but online.

Our syllabus has been tailored to match your needs on training which has proven so popular - short, focussed, process-driven sessions, for those times when you can't really spare a whole day away from your desk. Our service is 100% instructor led and alongside our regular Power Class sessions, open to anyone, anywhere in the world on a pay-per-view basis, we can offer you anything you may need, specifically targeting your methods and standards.

Here are some additional ways to ensure people make the jump to using the new system:

Effective communication services
Aligning the vision and mission from the Top Level management to the last user in the organization.

User adoption is driven by system acceptance. Effective communication and expert campaign form the cornerstone of gaining organizational acceptance of the system. We allow you to evangelize and spread your messages to executives, managers, information workers and outside vendors and suppliers. Build a Communication plan early in the project and incorporate different mediums to get the word out. A simple grid with audience (executives, managers, workers etc) on one axis and form of communication on the other axis will suffice. The key is identifying major stakeholders and messages then planning the communication campaign to ensure all messages are delivered multiple times.

Change Management Workshops
Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change, both from the perspective of an organization and on the individual level, from a current state to a desired future state. It is an organizational process aimed at empowering employees to accept and embrace changes in their current business environment. At SCT, Change management has at least three different aspects, including:

A proactive approach to dealing with change is at the core of all three aspects. For an organization, change management means defining and implementing procedures and/or technologies to deal with changes in the business environment and to profit from changing opportunities.

Business Transformations
Business Transformation is a change management strategy which has the aim to align People, Process and Technology initiatives of a company more closely with its business strategy and vision. In turn this helps to support and innovate new business strategies. Transformation and change is a critical issue for most organizations. Research shows that the failure rate of change programmes at 70-80%, many organizations are struggling. The flip-side is that organizations which use effective transformational approaches obtain almost 80% success.

Transformation a process that enables your business across all the Key Performance Indicator so that you can maintain your customers and outperform your competitors on an ongoing basis.

We have all heard the phrase "sharing the best practices". Trust me; it is harder to do than it sounds. To start on the Roll out journey, take a relatively straightforward business process and work with that first. Select a group that has few individuals who are champions for the new system. Get the first project over the finish line and in the winner's circle before you embark on project #2. Measure the results, celebrate the success and make sure the rest of the organization hears about the success. This will create a level of excitement that will drive other groups to "want" the new technology. Sharing the next best practices to the other places of the roll outs.

Health Check workshops
Not sure whether your current Adoption Services setup is as efficient as it should be? Convinced there may be ways of moving forward but not sure where and how? Inherited a system that feels impossible to maintain and upgrade? SCT will health check your entire system providing an experienced and impartial opinion on the current methods along with constructive suggestions for improvement. Regardless of where you are, the Health check is guaranteed to provide a fresh perspective and allow you to plan carefully for the future.

Customer Support
Wouldn't life would be so much easier if it wasn't for users? All they seem to do is get in the way of what it is you need to do. Like it or not, you're stuck with them. But that doesn't mean it can't be easier for you.

Allow SCT to take the pressure off by providing first class User Adoption support services: full telephone, email and face-to-face support to best suit your needs. Our proactive support will reduce your support time and improve your business efficiency.